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November 24 - January 6
The Drawing Room Part II

Neva Mikulicz
Neva the Silver Lady,
Prismacolor pencil on
government-made movie,
Target for Today,
1944 DVD player
34" x 48 inches
Courtesy the
Anya Tish Gallery, Houston

Galveston Arts Center is pleased to present exhibition of drawings by eight Texas-based women artists. It will open during the November 24th ArtWalk and remain on view through January 6, 2013. Curator Clint Willour will lead a gallery talk with several of the artists beginning at 6:30 pm during ArtWalk. The event is free and open to the public.

The exhibition, The Drawing Room Part II, is a revisitation of an exhibition held at the Galveston Arts Center in the summer of 2008 titled The Drawing Room. That exhibition included drawings by eleven Texas artists. This exhibition features drawings by Debra Barrera (Houston), Jillian Conrad (Houston), Bethany Johnson (Austin), Laura Lark (Houston), Jayne Lawrence (San Antonio), Leigh Anne Lester (San Antonio), Katie Maratta (Austin) and Neva Mikulicz (Houston).

Debra Barrera
El Camino on the Moon (Apollo 10)2012,
graphite on paper, 20" x 40",
courtesy of Moody Gallery, Houston.

Barrera works in graphite on paper often using automobiles as her subject matter. Conrad utilizes actual pencil leads to create her abstract, architecturally inspired, drawings. Johnson makes “woven” landscape drawings composed of horizontal lines made up of tiny dashes of graphite and colored pencil. Lark appropriates magazine portraits and replicates them in pointillist large-scale works on Tyvec. Lawrence makes surrealist images combining human anatomy with plant forms and insects in a variety of mediums. Lester utilizes layers of semi-transparent Mylar to produce glowing, complex botanical works. Maratta produces panoramic graphite small-scale Texas landscapes. Miculcz meticulously replicates appropriated images in thousands of tiny graphite dots and combines those with LED light or other media components. 

Believing contemporary art can inspire, engage, provoke and inform, the Galveston Arts Center presents dynamic and innovative work focusing on professional visual artists living or working in Texas. As a non-collecting, non-profit museum, the Center furthers the careers of emerging and mid-career professional artists through the production of quality exhibitions and supporting media. Collaborative, wide-ranging education and outreach programs create a public forum to engage diverse audiences in an exploration of thought-provoking ideas that inform contemporary art and our experiences in a complex world.