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November 26, 2011–January 15, 2012
Kamila Szczesna: fleeting

Kamila Szczesna
it no. 7, 2011
Acrylic ink on watercolor
paper 51 x 108 inches
Courtesy the artist
and Wagner Sousa
Modern Art, Galveston

Ideas of life, science, and time are recurring themes in Galveston-based artist Kamila Szczesna’s two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. Her abstract ink wash drawings on paper are large-scale, organic forms and anatomically-suggestive, life-sized gestures that could also be interpreted as something one might only see through the lens of a microscope. Similar shapes are echoed in the drawings layered within custom light boxes. Specimen-laden Petri dishes, amoeba-like forms and DNA code become scientific portraits of anonymous individuals. The artist is interested in portraying the “essence of life”—the biological basis for existence, which exists in a constant state of motion and flux. Her images reference the fluidity from which all life eventually becomes formed.

Kamila Szczesna
flux no. 6 , 2011
mixed media
17 x 29, x 6 inches
Courtesy of the artist
and Wagner Sousa Modern Art, Galveston

Amorphous, bulbous three-dimensional shapes are encased under glass cloches kept beneath black velvet drapes, simultaneously conveying mystery, preciousness, and perhaps an element of danger. Szczesna coated each blobby mass in agar, the gelatinous medium used to grow bacterial cultures, and then licked them, allowing a biological “portrait” of herself to grow within the controlled environment. “Everything is matter built with tirelessly moving particles,” notes the artist. “Nothing is stagnant, everything is moving, and time, as related to the essence of life, is fleeting.”

Kamila Szczesna
flux no. 6 (detail), 2011
Mixed media
17 x 29, x 6 inches
Courtesy of the artist
and Wagner Sousa Modern Art, Galveston

A native of Wroclaw, Poland, Szczesna moved to Galveston in 2002 when her husband was hired as a molecular scientist at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She received a master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, in 1999. Her work has been included in numerous group exhibitions, including shows at Lawndale Art Center, Houston; Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Germany; Glass and Ceramics Gallery, Wroclaw; and the Museum of International Ceramic Art, Denmark. She has recently had a solo exhibition at Wagner Sousa Modern Art, Galveston.

Kamila Szczesna is represented by Wagner Sousa Gallery